Mhm, non-religious. Not atheist, not agnostic, not anything. I’m gonna take a few paragraphs to describe to you all my non-religious views. My hope is to just communicate my simple beliefs in hopes that they can be well understood.

The internet says that the key difference between philosophy and religion is faith, but that seems too cut and dry for me. To me, religions differ from philosophy because they need an answer about the existence and nature of an afterlife and/or God, even atheism. That is the key difference to me, if you need an answer to that then you are a religious person. Maybe my view has some issues but I’m open to criticisms in order to make is clearer.

Is there an afterlife? I don’t know yet. Is there a God? Does it matter? My beliefs are more utilitarian and practical. This life exists and we should focus on making it a good one, full of majesty and laughter.  Empathy should be our most valued characteristic and altruism, our highest virtue.

As a member of the scientific community, I hear people being fed up with religion and asking why we even have it, why is it necessary anymore. I say that it exists, therefore it is necessary. They sometimes respond with, the appendix exists but isn’t necessary. Well, it was necessary, and if you remove yours and revert to a mostly vegetarian diet, you’ll miss it.

Religion was and is a necessary part of our culture and development. It brought us together and kept us together through rough times. Without it we may not have scholars or professional scientists. If I was stranded on an island with a group of people, I may invent a religion to help us survive. Religion, itself, is very useful in the big picture. But we must always remember that it isn’t as important as empathy or ethics.

I am non-religious, I am excited to discuss religious views and ideology, but I will never convert because how I treat people is more important than where I end up after I die. If there is a God, I don’t know how I’d feel about Him/Her. What do I believe in? That everything changes, and that all ideas (and people) deserve to be understood.


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