What is Your Hope for the Earth?

I would like you think about it, really give it some thought. It doesn’t matter if you try to make it a reality, or if it won’t come to pass in your lifetime. What would be one thing that, upon hearing it didn’t happen, would supremely disappoint you?

For my partner, its hearing that, after we had polluted ourselves to extinction, the Earth couldn’t correct and died. Killing ourselves was probably justified, but the murder of a whole planet would be heartbreaking. We may not make an observable impact of cleaning up the mess our species has made, but the acknowledgement of how that outcome makes us feel is monumental in itself.

Of course, I share my partner’s hope that we don’t kill the Earth, but my supreme hope is a bit more… fantastic. When I die, if I can still check on the condition of the Earth, I would be most disappointed if I learned that humans where the only one of Her children to leave the surface. That, for all of Earth’s potential, we are the only ones to join a larger stage. That we did not make room for our siblings to grow and shine.

My hope for the Earth is for at least one more species to break free from the food chain too. I’m not about to disappointed in highly evolved dolphins who aren’t interested in building rocket ships, no. But man has distinguished him self, not by reaching the top of the food chain, but by transcending it. We were able to stop constantly hunting and gathering, and could spend time pondering our own nature.

Doesn’t matter if it’s dolphins, monkeys, ants, bees, wolves, or cats, I believe the Earth has the potential for at least one more species to join us. Of course the time it takes depends on a great many factors from climate, anatomy, current social structure, and more, but if we could do, so can someone else. I just want us to give them the room to do so.

Earth is not the planet of the humans. And I know this is where my pretty idealist idea meets cold hard reality, but I want us to leave. Whether in a space ship, a holocaust, or an environmental cataclysm, I would like our number culled. Horrible, I know, but technically genocides and environmental catastrophes are already happening. We’re doing it to ourselves and to others, and we aren’t even the food chain anymore.

We can grow or raise what we need to survive, build rooms where we can control the weather, communicate inspiring ideas, and yet we can’t see what we’re hindering. So I’d like us to leave, for the elements to bury our civilizations, and for life to reclaim our sterilized cities. I would like our brothers and sisters of the Earth to fight and play and survive, and hope that one might advance enough to ponder themselves.


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