Considering Death

I hope my view on death is not too unique. Like my view on religion, I hoe most of you find it utilitarian. In this post I’m going to attempt to make clear my philosophical ideas on the eternal rest.

What is the meaning of life? Basically the biggest philosophical question there is, and like questions concerning the afterlife, it is pretty unanswerable. However, the most poetic answer I’ve found is that death is the meaning of life. It sounds morbid (which probably how this whole post is gonna sound), but there is a sense of completeness to it. If the purpose of life is to die, then every single living being has fulfilled its purpose, and in dying made room for more life to thrive. It makes me happy to think that no one has ever failed there purpose.

Of course, I am sad when things are no more, I grief when loved ones are gone. All things change though, and ultimately I feel the same relief I feel when I come to the end of a long book. The final period is in place and all the drama and pain has come to a close. Then, throughout my years, I find myself pondering what next adventure the ‘character’ might be on now.

I carry with me the realization that I am going to die, and that it is not a bad thing. I also know that every one around will also eventually die. I think this knowledge gives me bravery, that I’m not afraid to face my death head on, but underneath I can feel my fear. The fear that would like to reject that reality, to run, cower, and try to out run Death. I sit with that fear sometimes, and try to understand it, try to help it cope with the fact that we will both go when the time comes.

What of my loved ones though? Thinking of their pain gives me the most heartache when ever I contemplate my demise. So, maybe this post can act a bit like a last statement too. Letting them know my feelings on my mortality may help to put them at peace.

I am not suicidal, I would just like to clarify. I have thought about that too, but if I keep giving up on my lives, if I get to another one, am I gonna give up on that one too? No, I will see this life through to the End, and the ones after that as well.

I do, however, have a feeling of anticipation about my curtain call. What will it feel like when there is no tomorrow? When you lay down to rest knowing you won’t be getting up for your next adventure. My loved ones should be saddened for me, for I have waited all my life to glimpse behind the veil.

I hope they wallow in their grief, sit in it, and let it wash over them. Then I hope they stand back up, refreshed, and at peace. Maybe they’ll read this blog, maybe they’ll look at old pics, or maybe they’ll just ponder about what adventure I am on now. I do not want my inevitable death to cause them pain, but rather wash over them like a cleansing storm.

Next time you buy a glass, picture it shattered, for that is its fate. Realizing this, cherish the time you have with it, for one day it will be no more.


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