Why Science

My older sister gifted me with the love of science. Her and I have always been very close, and as the logician of the family, she would constantly question the natural world with me. She would even share with me, wide eyed and amazed, all the incredible things that she had learned at school.

I have always loved learning about nature, astronomy, and all of the wild things we have discovered about our planet. I would often read more non-fiction books as a kid than fiction. All of that coupled with my knack for physical comprehension and affinity for mathematics, I knew that whatever I would pursue would be related to science.

Which is odd because apparently INFPs aren’t known to be scientists. They are known to be artist, actors, social workers, and other humanitarians. I agree that I care about others and that I enjoy writing, but I don’t want to be paid for those qualities. So have I chosen incorrectly? Am I destined for a life as a sub-par scientist?

I’m not the most logical or intelligent person I know. I tend to look a things metaphorically before logically. So, I’m aware that I won’t be the most amazing scientist in my field. There will be those that win the award or the grant that I was wanting. Research positions being filled by better fitting applicants.

However, the reason why I have chosen to earn a living as a scientist is because there is no other occupation in which I could have more pride. I will always smile a bit larger when I tell people, including my sister, that I am a scientist. Yes, I also write, and I help out in my community, but I dedicate my life to further our understanding of the Universe, the greatest work of art.

Also, I believe the scientific community is happy to have someone like me. Someone who not only expands our knowledge but also tries to deepen it. Someone who understands that scientists are humans too, and that humans are for whom we are doing this. Someone who can wax philosophic over every little discovery.


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